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Who am I?

I am an artist. I have been creating since childhood. I have a natural ability to create, which has been my saving grace. I have been commercially designing for 15 years. I have designed for companies such as Animal Planet, Disney, Jeep, various other companies such as Walmart and Dollar General.

Bella LuElla

The brand I built

I have been designing online for the last ten years under the name of Bella LuElla. I created a business from nothing and have been able to support myself through people celebrating events in their lives.
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Portfolio Pieces

Designing over the years

I have done a variety of work over my professional career. From designing a tour hat for Bon Jovi's circle tour. Backpacks for Animal Planet, numerous hats and apparel sold in retail stores such as Walmart and Dollar General.

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Sketching, Sculpting & Painting

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